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Software development

Developer_Black_Alternate_64.pngThere are two main businesses in SkyBrains Inc..One is Professional Service business which the current profit is due to this business. The other is System Technology business and we are now performing this developement as one of strategy business of the coming future.

We are thoroughly particular about quality, function, and design. We support the system development with good performance in relation to its price.

Business Application Software developement

We develop application software that will solve your problem or demand in key business. Please leave everything to us, from business definition through operation.

Web application software developement

We develop practical Internet application, through homepage making to EC site (EC-CUBE) constructing.

System use service

We carry out system use on behalf of your company. Please leave everything to our skilled engineers.

Embedded software developement

We develop embedded software, such as apparatus control and device driver.

Technology developement in welfare care

We conduct R&D of system that will be very useful in welfare care. We merge internet and video technology in the system.

Developement performance

Wholesale/Retail systems
Customer management、Products management、Recieving order management、Placing order management、Contract management、Delivering goods management、Account management、Sales management、Credit management、Bank account management、Employee management、Inventory control、Schedule management
Embedded systems
Communications control
Manufacturing systems
Process management、Production management、Cost management、Sales management
Financial systems
Stock system
Mechatronics systems
Vending machine、Ticket sale machine、Cash register

Technology information

Program languages available
Visual Basic(Including VBA)
SQL Server

IT consulting

Applications_Black_Alt_64.pngOur consultant engineer, having both expertise and rich experience, will support reforming your management and your business.