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Business opportunity using iPhone, the next generation portable device!!

Characteristics of iPhone and iPod touch

We can develop applications corresponding to every needs of your business. Advanced technology is equipped within iPod and iPod touch, e.g. Screen touch action, GPS, highway interet, accelerometer, browse, and we can create application that make full use of the technology.

Examples of business applications

We are putting a great deal of effort into the development of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad application in order to contribute to the enpowerment of the Japanese companies.

For example,

  • 「Application of training program for new employees」
    • Epoch-making application which you can learn how to work by playing games.
  • 「Application of online meeting with simultaneous interpretation.」
    • Application which you can have meeting with your worldwide colleagues by any kind of language, 24 hours a day.
  • 「Application which is possible to have acces to office PC from personal iPhone」
    • Application which you can access, refer and edit data in your office PC in spite of being abroad for business trip.

It's just only few examples above.
If there is any idea of application that you are eagerly to use, please don't hesitate to ask.

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